As the proverb says: "Meet on clothes ...". Therefore we can confidently say that the design - is the first impression of a visitor about site and the company.
Our main goal is to make the sites correctly work, to make a beautiful convenient, and a complex turn to easy. It is necessary to find the fine line between wants of designer and needs of user, between form and function, between uniqness and consistency, at the same time expressing great respect for the visitors of the Internet .
Creation of a design - is an exact science and a fine art. Designers of "SoftUniq" use a harmonic combination of text and graphics in strict accordance with the highest standards of quality.
The attractiveness and style of website design are changeable, they depend on different conditions: the composition of the pages filling and even on concrete design masters . Why is the attractiveness and style of our sites stay unchanged? The secret lies in the creativity of professionals - design masters of the company "SoftUniq".

Logo development.

To young or just opening companies is always necessary their own logo, by which they will be easy distinguishing from the hundreds or even thousands of others. The specialists "SoftUniq" answer on this question – of, course!
Work on the creation of the logo always start with a conversation with a client about the specifics of his company, style issues and business questions that must reflect the logo are negotiating.
A special place is given for talking about the perception and memorization of logo by prospective clients. We try to get to know from our clients as much as possible, in order to the logo would a unique, interesting and memorable one.
The average time of development is about 10 days. 3-5 variants of logo is given for client to choose.


Banners often used for placing an advertising on other sites. They can be just like a picture or animated.
Average time of banner development is 3-5 days. Several variants are given for client to choose.

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